November 12, 2017

Logo for the office of equality and diversity (in Japanese: ダイバーシティ推進室のロゴ)


In January 2017, I entered a competition for the logo of newly found office of equality and diversity (I could not won the competition). In the logo are shown men and women of young and elderly. They cooperate in saying IBARAKI (the name of a district in Japan where the competition was held). To put it in detail, the shapes of their mouths represents the vowels (I, A, A, I), and the consonants (B, R, K) are shown explicitly.

[in Japanese] 2017年1月に、新設されるダイバーシティ推進室のロゴ募集に応募した(入選しなかった)。応募したロゴには、老若男女が表現されている。老若男女が「いばらき」と言っている様子を描いている。口のかたちが母音(I、A、A、I)を表わし、子音(B、R、K)はそこに示されている。


November 11, 2017

Logo for NOLTA (in Japanese: NOLTAのロゴ)


In September 2015, I entered a competition for the new logo of NOLTA (I haven't won the competition). NOLTA is a society of researchers in the field of nonlinearity studies.

In my logo design above, I tried to express nonlinearity by curved lines. Also, the shape as a whole looks like a creature searching eagerly for something. I thought of searching as researching for the truth.

[in Japanese] 2015年9月に、非線形問題を研究するグループ (NOLTA) の新しいロゴのコンペに応募した (入選しなかった)。




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